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Strategic Bank Review

Get the most out of your bank and effectively manage your relationship with them

Do you need help with an issue or problem in your business and not sure how to resolve it? Are you worried how your bank or funder might react? Our Business Support Service can provide a valuable outside view to help you find a solution, and ensure you don’t make some of the common mistakes when dealing with your funder. We can help you explore remedies and develop strategies to overcome the issue and gain the support of your funder.


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Part of this service is our Meeting Support which many clients find brings a real strategic advantage. Imagine having an ally sitting on your side of the table who is an expert in dealing with funding situations guiding you through the process when you meet with your funder or other parties. We do just that and in some cases we can manage the relationship on your behalf however you remain in the driving seat and in control of any decision that may need to be made.

Meeting Support

Typical scenarios where our meeting service can be useful:

We can lead or support the choice is yours.