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Strategic Bank Review

Get the most out of your bank and effectively manage your relationship with them

We believe in providing a solution that is best for you and an integral part of that is being independent. We are not tied to any particular bank or funder nor are we a finance broker, we do however have a large network of contacts across East Anglia and the Midlands with whom we engage to find the most appropriate options for you. We will always work with you to find the best solution for you and invariably that may mean staying with your existing bank or funder. Our business model is setup in a way that means you don’t have to change your existing providers unless of course you want to.

We have over 12 years’ experience working for a number of different funders giving you access to inside knowledge of how they work, and what they look for. It means we can make recommendations on changes you can make to your business to improve your chances of success. Utilising our robust and proven systems we can identify a range of funding options tailored for your business giving you an opportunity to choose the most appropriate working capital funding solution and access it quickly and effectively. We will be there to help you every step of the way including implementation, facility reviews and amendments

We can work with any sized business as past experience includes working with start-ups and small businesses right through to multi million turnover household names. Mostly we work with SME business turning over between £250k to £30m.

For maximum benefit it is always best to bring us in before you have spoken to your bank or funding provider. Our initial appointment is free and you are not committed to engage our services. A key element of the first meeting is to ensure both parties believe there is scope for us to add value to the business. Our process is usually short however we can work to a longer period if the situation requires it.

The first meeting is free so don't leave it until its too late! Some typical triggers when our clients engage us include:

We can also offer general business advice and strategy planning, this is normally carried out through our sister company PJ Business Consulting Ltd has full details of the services offered. We offer the full range of services from each business to all our clients as it is not unusual for there to be a crossover in requirements.

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