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Strategic Bank Review

Get the most out of your bank and effectively manage your relationship with them

Cut to the chase and stop wasting time, our market changing report is a highly effective and personalised tender document to attract the right funders to meet the funding needs for your business.


Once we have identified and discussed the appropriate funding solutions available to you we will draw up a plan to help you find an appropriate supplier. Along with our expert knowledge of the funding market and relationships with funders, a key part in this process is our Market Invitation Report. This gives perspective funders a background of your business along with its requirements, and covers the key aspects funders consider when providing funding in a format and language that is familiar to them.

The report ensures that your business is viewed in the best light and enables funders to provide a more competitive and accurate indication of terms. The benefit to you is you can now control the process saving you time as there is unlikely to be variation or further negotiation required once the formal offer is received. You can decide with confidence which way you want to proceed at an early stage safe in the knowledge this is the deal you are likely to get and not have to waste time and effort repeating the process with other funders.


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