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Strategic Bank Review

Get the most out of your bank and effectively manage your relationship with them

Be prepared for the annual review of your facilities and put yourself in the driving seat.

Having worked in Bank Relationship Managerment we can give you the inside track on how these meetings work and what the funders are looking for. This tactical advantage will mean when it comes to annual reviews or if you are requesting additional facilities it will put you in control of the process and enable you to make qualified and deliverable requests to your funder.

By presenting the right information to the funder in a format that is in tune with their processes will give you and your business greater credibility and the best chance to access funding or a better deal. We will tailor the review to your objectives and it will always include a review of your business to identify commercial risk that maybe affecting the view the funder has of your business. We will make recommendations to you on the changes you can make to minimise these risks and present a safer proposition to your current funder or the funding market.


Strategic Bank Review

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We will also be able to identify the funding options available to you and advise the best way to access them and will normally utilise our Market Invitation report to test the funding market for you

Our level of involvement is up to you, and may depend on your time and experience. We are more than happy to attend meetings with funder's with you or even manage the relationship on your behalf. We find the best approach is for a joint meeting, which generally creates better engagement with the funder,  and we can then handle any queries that arise after the meeting quickly and effectively.