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Strategic Bank Review

Get the most out of your bank and effectively manage your relationship with them

Through our knowledge of Banks and Credit Insurers requirements for a business to qualify for Confidential Invoice Discounting and/or Credit Insurance, coupled with our vast commercial knowledge, experience and contacts, we can conduct a full or desktop survey of your accounting systems and paper trails in order to:

Systems & Paper Trail Review

Trade Finance

Business Support Service

Debtor Risk Management

Peer to Peer Funding


Market Invitation Report

Strategic Bank Review

Product Assessments

Help you transfer from a Full Factoring Facility to Confidential Invoice Discounting facility

Prepare a Start Up business to qualify for Confidential Invoice Discounting as soon as trading commences

Assess the commercial risks in the contracts you have with suppliers and customers and advise on how these can be removed or mitigated to your advantage and improve funding

Recognise if parts of your internal systems are creating risk in the debts you generate

Implement a new, stronger or more efficient tailored credit control process

Pre-prepare your business for sale by making sure the ledger is Invoice Financeable and the systems demonstrate good commercial discipline. This will make you business more attractive to Banks, Equity Investors and potential buyers for your company.