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Strategic Bank Review

Get the most out of your bank and effectively manage your relationship with them

Our fee structure is totally transparent and agreed before any work is undertaken giving you peace of mind of what to expect and how much it will cost. Depending on the circumstances, and scope of work, we will charge either a fixed fee or an hourly rate. Through our tried and tested procedures we will seek the best funding solution for you and conduct regular reviews to ensure that it continues to match your requirements as your business grows. The process is slick and time efficient allowing you to concentrate on running your business

We use our knowledge and experience of how a bank sanctions deals and what they look for in a credit paper ,together with expert knowledge of a range of different products  to the advantage of your business. We help you structure the best cash flow and working capital solutions for your business BEFORE involving any banks, funders or solution providers.

We cut through the jargon and technical points so you understand what is being offered and how it will work for you, enabling you to choose the best option

Company review

A unique review of your company through "banker’s eyes" we know what they are looking at and how they view certain situations. We meet with key drivers of your business, and the relevant data is collected through carefully designed questionnaires and by spending time with key personnel and witnessing internal systems and processes in operation. The information collected at this stage forms part of the Market Invitation Report The depth of review can vary from the provision of information only (Desktop Review) through to a number of days been spent on site (Full Review) depending on each situation, requirement outcome and budget.

The market is crowded with a huge number of potential solution providers. Ensuring  the right potential providers are approached is a key strategic decision. Through our sector knowledge we will recommend the best approach to suit you and will discuss all potential outcomes.

We will liaise with all Solution Providers chosen, saving you significant time and energy and is one of the main benefits of engaging with us. Imagine trying to look for and coordinate a number of Solution Providers (who would be working from different information without a Market Invitation Report), across different markets at once; then translating all the Terms and summarising them to see which one is best for you.

Sourcing of Providers

Analysis of offers

We are experienced in interpreting and analysing Solution Providers Indicative Terms. Our knowledge, experience and honed process allows us to provide a quick and simple "like for like" comparison of the Bank terms, Invoice Finance Terms and Credit Insurance Terms.

Once managed, collated and compared our analysis goes one step further to assess how deliverable the Indicative Terms are and how they would integrate with your day to day systems which all helps to build the picture of who might be the right provider.

The key part of our business model is to allow you to make the final choice in full knowledge and any good, bad or indifferent features of each solution. When you have made your choice of preferred provider, the provider/s are invited in to meet you and conduct their own due diligence.

We can be present at the Solution Providers due diligence meetings, as determined by the complexity of your requirements, but would usually let the Solution Providers conduct their audits wherever possible. At the end of their audit process, each Solution Provider will be in a position to finalise a credit backed offer to you.


Once the providers due diligence is over and you have met the individuals or team of individuals from the shortlisted providers, you will receive 'Offers'. In our experience, the Offer you end up with is different to the Indicative Terms unless you have had the benefit of our process.

At this point there should be no surprises for any party involved as all expectations should have been met.


We will support both you and the provider to make sure the implementation of facilities goes smoothly. With Confidential Invoice Discounting in particular, the smooth delivery and change from a current provider requires a high level of understanding and can be a difficult process.

If the whole banking relationship is to change and other products introduced, then we will liaise with all providers to make sure the products are introduced to your advantage and in a way that suits you.


Once the initial solution is delivered and in operation, we have a structured support cycle that allows us, in conjunction with you, to meet with the cash flow expert regularly and determine how your new business activity will impact the Sales Ledger and cashflow requirements in the next six months.

This simple but unique element of our service will allow you to pro-actively understand and manage the future funding requirements of your business. Together, we can make sure we smooth out any potential funding issues with your Solutions Providers before they occur. This approach will improve ongoing communications with your Solution Providers and works to everyone's advantage.